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Fundraising Policy


The Greater Victoria Police Foundation (“GVPF” or “Foundation”) is a non‐profit, charitable organization registered under Canadian law. GVPF raises funds from a range of donors to fulfil its mandate as set out in its Constitution. Activities of the Foundation shall be focused on initiatives that are above and beyond the operating budget of the Greater Victoria area municipal police agencies (“Police Agencies”).

The Fundraising Policy ensures that solicitations made on behalf of the GVPF further the mission of the GVPF and include appropriate consideration of prospective and current donors.

The GVPF abides by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (“AFP”) Code of Ethical Principles and Standards and the Donor Bill of Rights.

Policy Objective

The purpose of GVPF’s Fundraising Policy provides guidance to staff and volunteers regarding how the Foundation solicits donations. The policy also serves as a source of information for potential donors who are interested in supporting GVPF’s activities.


Donors’ Rights

All gifts are subject to the conditions of the Foundation’s Gift Acceptance Policy and the Donors Bill of Rights.

  • Individuals making a donation are entitled to receive an official receipt for income tax purposes for the eligible amount of the donation and in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines.
  • All fundraising solicitations by or on behalf of the Foundation will disclose the Foundation’s name and the purpose for which funds are requested. Printed solicitations (however transmitted) will also include the GVPF’s address, CRA business number and other contact information.
  • All donors are entitled to be informed of the Foundation’s mission or the way the Foundation intends to use donated resources.
  • Donors have the right to be informed, upon request, if the person making the solicitation is a volunteer or employee of the GVPF or a consultant/contractor.

Donors are entitled to receive, upon request:

  • Information contained in the Foundation’s public portion of the Charity Information Return;
  • Any of the Foundation’s approved policies;
  • A list of names of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees; and
  • The GVPF’s most recent audited financial statements.

Mailing Lists

Under no circumstance does the Foundation exchange, rent, sell or trade its mailing list with other individuals or organizations, but may seek to rent other mailing lists in order to grow our base of support. In these circumstances, the Foundation works with reputable list brokers and mailing houses who/which have an unblemished record when it comes to data privacy and consumer protection compliance.

The Foundation will immediately remove a donor’s name from our mailing list upon receipt of that request.


Donors’ right to privacy will be respected, including a donor’s wish to remain anonymous. Donor’s identity will be protected to the extent permitted by law unless the Donor waives the presumption of anonymity.


The Foundation has a Complaints Policy to ensure that a concern or complaint from any staff, volunteer or stakeholder is responded to promptly. The Board of Trustees will be informed regularly of the number, type and disposition of any complaints made by current or prospective donors.


Our staff are paid by salary and are not paid fundraising finders’ fees or commissions. Compensation policies for Foundation staff may include incentives for reaching performance related targets.